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Our Projects

Here we have just a few of our before and after projects.   If you have any questions just let us know.

Oak Street Roselle NJ

2012-10-03 23.18.49This job was a vinyl cedar shake installation.   The old shakes weren’t torn off  because the insulation was properly installed and we used 3 inch nails to properly secure the siding.   The homeowner was able to save thousands and used his savings to have cultured stones installed on the foundation of his house.2012-09-25 23.42.09

JFK Blvd  Jersey City, NJ

This project was one big mess but the NJSubcontracting took care of business.   Actually installing the siding on the back of building took longer than installing the rest of the house.  2012-12-09 22.03.15 As you can see there were these fire escapes and it just complicated the whole installation process.   However, it comes with our territory.   One of the perks of this job was the deli store below gave us free hot chocolate for the entire job.  2012-12-17 00.48.47However, we had to be careful because the front was a busy area and there was constant traffic.   However, we managed to pull through.

Ryerson Ave  Wayne, NJ

This was how we say a cut up house and it took some time to complete but the homeowners were extremely pleased after completion.015  We put custom trim work and paid special attention to the over hangs.  You could imagine the time and precision it took to do this.   Homeowners wanted to keep the original look.

We have much more to show and can show you our slides when we meet.   Any questions let us know.

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